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My name is Shannon, I am a wife, mother and life coach. After many years of raising children and taking care of everyone else, I decided I need to get to know me again.To find my passion and purpose. Now that I no longer have to be the soccer mom, run from one birthday party to the next, it dawned on me that my kids didn't need me as much now that they are older and I didn't know what to do with my new found freedom. I really love helping people and found that even strangers in the grocery store would tell me their life stories. I then realized that I love helping people solve problems. That is why I decided that being a life coach was my calling.  As a professionally certified Life Coach, I have helped so many women build confidence and take control of their life. Helping to navigate through stagnant emotions and self sabotaging beliefs. Guiding you to the life you imagine and work to help you find an empowered sense of self. I would love to help you find your true calling and live the life of your dreams.
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